| October 30, 2017

31 Reasons to Have Hope this Halloween Season!

(This list is inspired by the Momentous Institute Conference entitled Changing the Odds on September 28 and 29, 2017)

Two things to note about this list:

  • The list is in no particular order and

  • The speaker that inspired the learning is named in parentheses at the end.

1. Hope is a state of mind. It gives you energy to get started. (Valerie Maholmes)

2. Hope allows us to set goals and make them happen. (VM)

3. Use Approach Goals (moving towards something) vs. Avoidance Goals (moving away from something). For example, I will exercise more (Approach Goal) vs. I will stop eating so many sweets (Avoidance Goal). (VM)

4. Words matter. What you think and say to yourself makes a difference. (VM)

5. Our bodies are our teachers. Observe what your body is doing- notice your heartbeat and breathing. (Maggie Kline)

6. Have more pleasurable experiences- they open up more understanding around not so pleasurable experiences. (MK)

7. Use a nurturing touch. (MK)

8. Use sweet soothing sounds and rhythmic movement. (MK)

9. Use synchronized movements with each other. (MK)

10. Alternate quiet and arousing activities. (MK)

11. Your passion is power. Think about what drives you. (Tomas Alvarez)

12. Use the power of the arts. (TA)

13. Check out The Children’s Wellbeing Initiative. ( (TA)

14. Do what is uncomfortable. (Bryan Stevenson)

15. We can change our narratives, acknowledge what has happened, and what we have done. (BS)

16. Use the power of proximity: we can’t change anything if we aren’t close to it. (BS)

17. Commit to truth telling. (BS)

18. Commit to reconciliation. (BS)

19. Be brave, brave, brave! (BS)

20. Reflect more on the legacies of our history. What is the legacy of slavery? What can we learn? (BS)

21. Believe in the good. (Taylor Freeman)

22. Chase the why behind behaviors. (TF)

23. Be self reflective- what are you grateful for? What are your triggers? (TF)

24. Don’t take behavior personally. Be curious. (TF)

25. Use the Power Lead- start conversations off positively and with meaning. (Michelle Gielan)

26. Make sure to fact check. (MG)

27. Activate your 31- challenge yourself to send 2 positive emails or texts to people you are grateful for everyday for 31 days. (MG)

28. We can’t give what we don’t have. (Christine Carter)

29. Practice strategic slacking. (CC)

30. Appreciate the abundance around you. (CC)

31. Choose being brave over being perfect. (CC)

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!  I hope these nuggets of hope bring a little light to you and the work that you do!



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