| December 12, 2017

Twinkle Lights and Self-Care

It’s that time of year for many of us: gift buying, over scheduled calendars, and twinkling lights wherever you look. I love this time of year, however I have to be careful to take care of myself so that I truly enjoy it. Below are a few tips I have gathered that help me stay grounded in the true spirit of the holiday season.

Practice more gratitude and appreciation. This is one we have all heard many times before, but like a great song, it is worth repeating over and over again. I have struggled with writing down what I am grateful for, but I find I do have time to do it right after my alarm goes off. I never want to jump right out of bed, so I give myself a few minutes to reflect on three things I am grateful for. It could be from the day before or right in that very moment…perhaps it is being in a cozy bed or having a cat to snuggle with each night.

Set your intention for how you want to show up and be each day. Every morning I pour a cup of coffee and I make myself some lemon water. I slice one lemon into sixths and squeeze each one into my water. Each time I squeeze a lemon wedge I say a word that reflects how I want to be that day: patient, loving, kind, listening, joyful, etc. I find that everyday is a little different, but this ritual helps remind me of who I want to be that day. As I pour my cup of coffee, I take time to listen to the sound of the liquid splashing into my cup and list the same values or ways I want to show up. When the cup is full I stop. I love the idea of drinking both my lemon water and coffee and having them infused with who I want to be that day.

Make time to do nothing. I know, this sounds impossible but PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR! Just sit or be lazy or stare out the window. This time connects us with ourselves and helps us to truly enjoy the holiday events when they arrive.

I hope these tips are helpful! ¬†Here’s to a twinkling, self-care filled holiday!

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