Our Programs

Family Workshops

About Family Workshops

ROME hosts family workshops to engage families, parents and students around a variety of topics.

  • Parent /Child workshop
    • Project based learning
      • Creating Creative Thinker
      • How to Learn Through Play
  • Parent Workshops
    • Understanding Child Development (Expectations of different Ages and Stages)
    • Understanding Brain Development
    • Social Emotion Character Development
    • Developing Life Skills in Children
    • Developing Childs Intelligence
    • How Parents can encourage Problem Solving
      • Understanding the Perspective of Homework
      • Transmitting Values to Children
    • Building Self Esteem
    • Teaching Strategies for Discipline
  • Summer Camps
    • ROME provides summer camps on our Mobile Learning Lab. These camps include, but are not limited to the following themes: science, math, literacy, or Social Emotional and Character Development.

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